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RS Spectra Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed customer oriented IT, telecommunication consulting organization.

Established in 2011, RS Spectra is a private company headquartered in Calicut, India. The company provides professional solutions in South India for the telecommunications industry: installing and commissioning of microwave systems, installing RF systems, checks for approval, etc. As RS spectrum began to grow rapidly, the company's workforce has increased to complement intellectual and market expansion. The business has sought the best combination of expertise and skills in managing the most advanced scenarios from its prior encounters and profitable projects.

RS Spectra aims at ensuring seamless integration of third-party platforms and endpoints as well as legacy applications while at the same time stressing consistency, stability and high security. RS Spectra fulfills changing business needs by maintaining accelerated responses, while collaborating with leading telecommunications providers for quicker solution roll out.

In all facets of the operational activities from completed programs to support clients RS Spectra focuses on the best standard. This means trusted telecoms solutions which meet the most rigorous requirements and a huge customer base, which appreciates RS Spectra's courtesy, quick response and high level of expertise.


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