Our Policies

We pledge ourselves to the maintenance of the highest quality management and assurance requirements in accordance with industry standard industrial practices for effective and secure operations.

We are evolving to and adapting to our clients' changing needs and are committed to supporting them as well as we can. At RS Spectra, we assume that the king is our client. We work together in a customer-friendly, efficient and casual working environment.

RS Spectra staff are dedicated to professional standards and deliver the finest services even according to customers wishes.

We shall create an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business processes. We shall strive for continuous improvement to meet with customer satisfaction.

We at RS Spectra aim for world class quality products and services assisted by after sales services that satisfy the needs of our clients while at the same time aiming to be completely fulfilled. We are determined to deliver.

At RS Spectra, all workers as well as eligible jobseekers would have equal opportunity, irrespectful of ethnicity, caste, faith, color, heritage, marital status, gender, sexual identity, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.

Human resources initiatives shall encourage job equity and reverence for all applicable labor laws, while facilitating the application of best practices.

RS Spectra laborers shall receive respect and maintain a workplace atmosphere free from any physical, verbal or psychological abuse.

In any field of its operation, RS Spectra attaches considerable significance to protection as an integral aspect. Our workforce is our biggest strength. We thus emphasize ensuring that they are secure when carrying out projects.

This Strategy is intended to establish a safe and productive workplace that is free of drugs and alcohol

This business is concerned about and will not tolerate drug and substance misuse. The firm forbids the use at work or on business grounds of alcohol or non prescribed medications.

Alcohol or narcotics on business or on the premises will lead to punitive proceedings, including suspension, which can have legal repercussions. Employees should report on their job on time and in a healthy physical and mental state. We are committed and obligated to create a clean, secure and drug-free working environment. The management is required to report to employees whether those operations are carried out by other employees. RS Spectra retains the right, based on fair suspicion, to ask any citizen for a drug or alcohol screening.

We at RS Spectra value the culture, practices and values of each country in which we work in the course of our business activities. We would strive to supply the local public with work and to prepare them to standard levels. We shall, where appropriate, comply with commercial procedures, including proper authorization, paperwork and other formalities.

In compliance with the accounting and financial reporting standards which reflect the widely agreed rules, principles, standards, laws and regulations, we at RS Spectra shall prepare and manage its accounts equally and accurately.

Internal accounting and audit processes would be fair and accurate to represent all of the corporate activities of the company and the disposal of the properties, as well as to provide internal monitoring to ensure that the transactions are right and valid for the board and shareholders of the company. The auditors of the organization and all approved parties must be open to the required material. No deliberate omissions from books and reports of all business activities, no acknowledgment of advance revenue, and no secret bank account and funds will exist.

Any intentional misrepresentation of the financial statements and records or their misinformation shall be seen as breach of a Code, with the exception of prompting reasonable civil or criminal acts in compliance with the laws in question.

RS Spectra and its staff shall not specifically or implicitly received or give or make, or perceive, unlawful compensation, remuneration, rewards, or gifts to gain non-competitive favors for carrying out a company of RS Spectra. In an attempt to eradicate all kinds of graft, corruption and bribery, it cooperates with government officials.

However, if such contributions are customarily made and/or are of a commemorative kind, RS Spectra and its employees may accept and give nominal gifts in full upon disclosure. A strategy is applied by each corporation to explain its gifts and entertainment laws and regulations for its employees' guidance.

Trust and credibility characterize our relationships. We are committed to our long-term partnership with our clients. We are loyal.