Network Installation

Ready for Installation Surveys

RS Spectra provides web survey services for pre-installation tests Telecom facilities to assess the site's readiness in all Aspects prior to shipping of equipment to the facility. This is the Installation material specifications are also reported as Part of the polls. Surveys are normally carried out using the Checklist for the client. RS Spectra, with its immense expertise, may also If asked by the client, come up with exhaustive checklists.

Radio Units & E-node B Installation & Integration
MW Antenna Installation and Commissioning

RS Spectra provides installation facilities for Microwave Connections (Indoor & Outdoor Units) as per the configuration of the customer location, Power up Microwave equipment, filling equipment Relevant software and perform stand-alone, if needed Test for the correct functionality of the appliances. This is the Installation teams are fitted with well qualified equipment. Riggers for handling and mounting antenna Antenna alignments of all shapes. This is the Facilities & workmanship are of full consistency. Formance with criteria Of the customer.

EMF Survey and Broadband/Narrowband Testing

Dis-mantling of all Telecom Active elements, packing and transport

Rec-conciliation of material submission at warehouse and acceptance

Network Operations & Maintenance

We support operators stay on the heart by using their network telecoms networks Maintenance and procedures. With the rise The size of the network makes Operator focusing on operations and management Your network technology. Clearly RS Continuum understands the reach of customer service division and technical integrity Manage network infrastructure and individuals moved Ultimately capital and consistency dedication Reducing the operational expense of the consumer. We include the following to our customers Benefits
• Response to service by 24 x 7.
• Answer time for engaged service.
• Well trained team for field service in  
• Service engineers competent and educated.
• Safe and clean operating environments

Network Optimisation

RS Spectra RF Optimization Services known for their efficiency in small scale, Our Network Optimization Service offers a full project or end-to-end approach Network management and network performance enhancement Constraints identified by the client. We recognise enhancement areas and describe the appropriate areas Input data - calculations, data setup and other technology data used in the network and then reviewing the details and finding appropriate improvements Network quality optimization.

Site Audit and Basic Testing

Indoor and Outdoor Static Tests
IBS and Small Cell Solutions

Single Cell Functionality Test

Cluster Mobility Test

Drive Analysis and Ad-hoc Report Submission


KPI Analysis and Optimization

Network Performance Monitoring

Multi- Technology/Operator Drive Test